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Warhorse Wheat
Easy drinking American wheat beer.  Brewed with German pilsner and wheat malts, this light-bodied beer has a pale yellow appearance with a soft creaminess and a hint of orange from German Mandarina Bavaria hops.
ABV:  4.3%

Ambush Amber
This smooth American Amber Ale boasts notes of caramel and toffee, with citrus and floral aromas derived from the Cascade hops. Two Row Barley and caramel malts give this ale its caramel and toffee finish.
ABV:  5.4%

Brass Button IPA
This American IPA is hop forward, yet not too bitter.  Notes of pineapple, mango, and grapefruit come through from the Citra and Cascade hops used in brewing.  Two Row Barley and caramel malts give this IPA it's perfect sweet, malty backbone.  
ABV:  7.0%

Great Wagon Road Hazy IPA
A New England IPA, this beer gets its soft, juicy body from pale malt and the use of flaked oats and wheat.  Azaccca, Idaho 7, and Sabro hops create a complex flavor profile of tropical fruit, spicy mango, and pine notes, with
hints of citrus and coconut.
ABV:  6.1%

1675 Vienna Lager
A soft and elegant amber lager, its complexity coming from German, Vienna, and Munic malts.  German Nobel hops create a nice balance of bitterness.
ABV:  4.5%

Munich Helles Lager TEMPORARILY OUT
This Munich Helles is a clean, malty German-style lager with a rich golden color.  Brewed with German pilsner and Munich malts, there is a subtle hop bitterness with floral and spicy aromas from Nobel hops.  Finishes crisp and clean.
ABV:  5.4%

German Altbier  
German "old beer" lager/ale hybrid
ABV:  4.9%

Black Powder Stout
A medium-bodied American stout, boasting dark chocolate and coffee flavors.  The use of Maris Otter, chocolate, special roast, and black malts bring out the chocolate and coffee notes and give this stout it's tangy finish.
ABV:  4.9%

Rattling Sabers Sour-Tangerine
This Philly-style sour is a wheat based beer.  Fruit is added during the fermentation process to give it that sour and tart flavor.  Light and refreshing, it strikes the perfect balance of tartness and fruitiness.
ABV:  5%

Crisp, fruity, refreshing
ABV:  5.2%

Wheat with hints of vanilla and banana

ABV:  4.7%

Bluegrass Pilsner 
Golden and crisp

ABV:  5.5%

The Closest Thing Light Lager
Closest thing to a domestic light beer!
Light, easy, and refreshing

ABV:  4.8%

Belgian Strong
New Release!

ABV:  9.0%

Amber Hard Cider
ABV:  6.3%

Bourbon-Aged Hard Cider
ABV:  6.8%

Death Ridge Red
Death Ridge White
Death Ridge Rose`

Magnolia Vineyards Black Walnut White
Magnolia Vineyards Battle Mountain Blush
Magnolia Vineyards Hawkins Run Red

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