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Welcome to Death Ridge Brewery at Higher Ground Farm!  The farm lays in the little town of Jeffersonton, Virginia, on the outskirts of Culpeper County.  With family having grown up both in and around Jeffersonton for generations, we have always enjoyed hearing about the history of the town and our property, the Civil War being a great part of that.  The streams meandering through the property are part of what is now called "Delridge Run" on current maps, but was once named "Deatherage Run", or funny enough "Death Ridge Run" as we believed it was.  The name Deatherage stems from William Deatherage and his two brothers, who settled in Culpeper County in 1675 when they were granted 950 acres by the King of England. Being a working farm, we wanted to honor the history while also doing something we love, and Death Ridge Brewery was born.  The very site where the brewery is built was once a campsite during the Civil War, and many relics have been found all over those fields from soldiers passing through.  If there is one thing that brings people together past and present, its a good beer.  As Thomas Jefferson once said, "Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health."  Cheers!

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